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Waterproof Running Pants Refuge

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100% impermeable pants "SKINPROTECH", with a quantity of 20,000 W/P you need for a comfortable stay dry in the worst weather conditions
Running pants with inferior material and a material that is suitable for a perfect fit. The pants have an inbuild compression calf that protects your muscles during hard training or competitions Velcro waist band for comfortable use.

Sealed seams
Slim, comfortable fit
Modern design


There are sun-drenched days… And there are days where the circumstances are ruthless, and the water-resistant over-trousers on the obligatory equipment list are dug out of the foundation of the pack. The Kinetik Pants weigh less than 100 grams and take up approximately no space when rolled up, yet their 10'000 Schmerber rainproof fabric and preserved seams make them completely watertight.

The fibers stay very breathable, ensuring sweat and dampness are evacuated even when the rain is driving from the sky. Just like the Kinetik Waterproof Running Pants Refuge, the robust is ergonomic thanks to 4-way stretch material and allows entirety freedom of movement during the trial. The modest, aerodynamic design allows for no surplus material or rustling noise typically connected with waterproof garments. The pants are effortlessly put on thanks to potted zips on the lower-leg. Simply pull over shorts or leggings to maintain the rudiments at bay, and keep running!

Originally, Kinetik specialised in waterproof and breathable rain gear that was intended for active lifestyles. Made with our uppermost performing Elite waterproof breathable fabric the Refuge Pant will keep you contented whether you are on a long-distance touring trip or exhausting commute. Fully closure taped, 3-Layer Elite waterproof-breathable hardshell fabric for brilliant breathability and total weather guard. Our widespread range of Women Trail Running, Compression Tight Kaval, Windproof Trail Running Jacket (Unisex), Women's Compression Tight Kaval, Waterproof Running Pants Refuge, Women's Running and Trail Running Skirt, Women's Trail and Running Shorts, Windproof Running Pants Framer, Isonik Ultra Running Shorts for Woman, Women's Running Shirt Falkon, Kameleon Women's Wind Stopper Jacket for Trail Running are accessible at Kinetik at affordable rates.

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