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Kameleon Women's Wind Stopper Jacket for Trail Running




Kinetik Kameleon exclusive concept 2.0

The Kinetik Kameleon jacket is one of our exclusive items in our range, it took us up to 3 years to develop this item.
Kameleon is a super light multifunctional jacket that can fit for all outdoor sports.
Kameleon is elegant and high designed for all those who like to sport in comfort, a waterproof zipper, and ultra-light fabric will protect you in the worst weather conditions.
The technical part of Kameleon is that we created it so far that you don’t need to stop while you're running, it gives you a very simple use of wearing before or between training and competition.

The back has an open space to wear your backpack without any problems.
Only three seconds are needed to take on and to close the Kameleon on your body.
The Kameleon is the perfect match with our Revenge and Evok.

What are the features and benefits if you choose Kinetik Kameleon

° Super Light ° Inner belt
° Unique in the world ° Comfortable
° Waterproof ° Reach high performance and goals
° Trendy design ° High technology
° Extreme fast wearing system ° Multisport



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