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Kinetik Sports Clothing

Sport and the world of attire have been associated for decades when it became stylish to wear sportswear as daily clothing as well as when participating in sporting activities. Today sporting apparel whether technical apparel designed for detailed sports or everyday administration or gym wear is now the main part of our everyday wardrobe. The UK remains the strongest sportswear market by size but sportswear is gradually more becoming a worldwide phenomenon for each day garments.

Kinetics Sports ClothingKinetics Sports ClothingKinetics Sports ClothingKinetics Sports Clothing

This force to wear more sportswear is fuelled by a broad rise in health and wellbeing wakefulness as people lead a more lively lifestyle.  It is also owed to the amplification in participation sports across a wider era group such as cycling, walking, or running to squad sports and social sporting activities.  Added to this is the rising consciousness and appeal of technology used in sportswear design and manufacture as well as compression wear, breathable fabrics, temperature control, and moisture management, water-resistance, and even injury pre-emptive materials.

This all adds up to a very large and complex marketplace where brand owners, manufacturers, retailers, and sporting organisations use sporting apparel as a means of generating revenue from the consumer. This comes in lots of forms; retail, on-line sales, licensing brands, design, promotion, and marketing. With a giant collective experience in these areas counting retailing, marketing, licensing, IP, manufacturing, and supply chain management, Kinetik Sports has the acquaintance and familiarity to help you maximize your ambitions in this sector.

Kinetik Balance Clothing

 Kinetic Balance has 15 years of knowledge in the ‘Positioning Products Industry”. We intend and produce belts and harnesses of terrific quality. These products are developed for the qualified market and are not sold to consumers unswervingly. Kinetik Sports customers are can be a corporate giant to small new brand start-ups. We enjoy a broad range of challenges for every business that wants to be occupied in apparel or merchandise. This has taken us from creating new fashion brands for auction online and on the elevated street to licensing press images of sporting greats to promotional prizes of rugby world cup personalised garments. Customers will be retailers, brand owners, corporate, charities, sports clubs, and even celebrities. Kinetik Balance jeans design and produces the best clothing and apparel for wheelchair users. Our array consists of jeans, pullovers, jackets, bags, and Raindeks. Experience the fit and quality designed for a seated position and your way of moving. 

Kinetik Balance Jeans

 Kinetik Jeans are made for sitting. It is their major function. Our jeans excel in comfort, fit, performance, and looks. These Kinetik Jeans are a factual surprise. The primary thing you notice is the material. It looks like regular denim, but it’s soft and springy. The product information says that it’s 75% Cotton, 16% Polyester, 6% Lycra Spandex, 3% Elastane, and the blending of these materials makes for an extremely contented fit. In terms of manifestation, these jeans look very up to date.