Isonik Short Hispania
Isonik Short Hispania

Isonik Short Hispania

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Isonik running marathon shorts 

Used for when it comes to kickin’ up the intensity on your training sessions running and marathon competitions, these super lightweight ultra-durable shorts are your best choice.
You’ll be working out distraction-free with these shorts that deliver loads of breathability.

The Isonik + is 100% confort and breathable , the lateral opens when start running and brings freedom on each movement.


° Lightweight fabric 

° Back pocket 
° Elastic waist without cord
° breathability
° Quick dry and comfortable
° Back pocket with zip

Why Kinetik

We build confort

Inside kinetik we look into the customers needs. The combination from confort and high technology is designed by the feedback from our customers and athletes. Our ears will be always open to improve our brand by advices from our customers. Do you want to share your ideas with us? Feel free to contact us




I'm having almost all the kinetik
trailrunning garments.The way how they think and inovate are impresive! My favourite product is for sure the refuge jacket and i can't wait to see the new model !


High quality and good comunication. I like the new outerwear clothing and buyed the nomada softshell jacket.


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