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Kinetik running shorts

Our guaranteed workouts attire ensures a great shopping experience with Kinetic Sports

Kinetik Sports established with a small group of knowledgeable runners whose sole aim was to transport the best probable shopping know-how to all running fans apart from how they select to visit us. The viewpoint implemented at Kinetik Sports was to found all customers as precedence and indulgence them as friends, both online and in the store. Our running shorts are the lightest in the industry due to our proprietary lining. Made with a qualified French silk-maker and enthused by medical bandaging, our running shorts lighter and dry faster for a drier, longer ride. Stay out longer with shorts that have easy-access resilient pockets for nourishment, a sweat-proof phone pocket, and a double-waistband with a key carabiner to remain your belongings protected in movement.


The fitness method is significant – if you’re going to do your best, you want to feel positive as well as relaxed. The selection is key, and our sports shorts have bounty to keep your roll. Decide an extent that you feel good in. Our running shorts come in sizes and cuts to ensemble everybody, so no issue what you’re following there’s something for you here. Stay cool, peaceful, and unruffled, in luminosity, breathable sports shorts, and end your calisthenics right! If yoga is more your bag, our choice of legging shorts lets you move generously, without limit, into even the most highly developed poses. Play around with new styles, consistency, and keep your fitness team guessing what you’ll wear after that.

Our goal & vision

Our vision from setting up was to give a Running Specialty experience to all runners, anyplace. To make this dream an authenticity, we gather the premium collection of running-specific products obtainable, provided premier product training to our team, reputable a foundation of exceptional customer service, and provided cooperative online resources. These possessions were jointly and made willingly available, allowing our running friends to make the very finest choices from a corporation that makes runners the main concern. We aim to give the top value within the running industry and in our view; this is best provided through superb service.

Dedication to our Staff

None of the over happens without breathtaking employees of very brilliant and very kind and fanatical people. People who have an excitement for doing the accurate thing and helping others follow suit. We try to perform our very best to give confidence and return staff who take the initiative to convey an outstanding experience.

Shipping Options

Kinetik Sports offers a diversity of delivery services, depending on the items and delivery destination. On the occasion of stormy weather circumstances, delivery delays may happen. Delivery guarantees for any shipping process do not relate to shipments exaggerated by the weather. For want to get a quick shipment and get sports activewear call us.