About Us

Kinetik Sports is an innovative Swiss brand that concentrates on solutions  technology and quality for multisports for every gender men and women. Kinetik, known also as kinetik compression gear, as the name say it "compression gear" this was the start from our adventure.

All products from KINETIK are handmade indoor, this independence allows us to evolve the range to give the solutions from the user requirement.
You Probably have been noted the design and technology are the key points of our work all in a constant concern for flawless quality. Our Indoor production built the standard and allow us to master the time and the suppliers to always give solutions for the users.

We are the laboratory for you.

All products have been tested, developed and engineered by our own team that contains former professional athletes and manufacture ingeneers with a high knowledge about fabrics

Our products have been tested on the toughtest events (Ultra Trail Running 400km, Ironman Hawaii, Tour De France, UTMB, MAXI RACE, and many more.

Business mission: “Bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete to discover comfort by following the arrow"

Company Management

Nicky Allard 
General Manager Co Owner 

Nicky is probably the motor from the company when it is about marketing, and yes we see that he has bring kinetik to the next level in the past 2 years ! Nicky has been with the brand from the very first beginning, as a former semi professional cyclist he was sponsored with the very first kinetik compression socks! In return for his sposnorship shared Nicky his network and organised some partnership with professional sport teams ( Saxo Bank, Team Sunweb , Jose Antonio Hermida ) etc etc. Nicky was living his dream and in a few years time he became the director from the company and is currently responsible for online and offline marketing.

Rongsong Liao 
Founder and Co Owner 

Rongsong is the founder and men behind the clothing as a fabric and patern ingenieer he is probably the best men we can get when it is going about clothing development. Rongsong has over 15 years experience in production as he owns and manage also the kinetik factory! ,His inovated mind has brought statement into kinetik ! Rongsong own also the company Kinetik Asia with is currently growing fast ! Rongsong is familiar with the EU market, as he travels few times a year for general meetings and make new inspiration for the brand by meeting his partner Nicky! 
Not everything has been going smooth in the past for Rongsong, As he got a partnership with a french agent who claimed to be the brand owner, unfair and unprofessional practicity from this person have been playing a role in our activity. We went to the coart against this as we can't let it happen , our hands are clean!