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We are a family of brands, determined by our desire to make enormous design obtainable to one and all in a sustainable way. Together we offer fashion, design, and services, which allow people to be enthused
and to express their style making it easier to live more circularly. From pretty hair trimmings for little girls to your travel accessories, Kinetik is a dependable portal for all to find the necessary items under one umbrella. Find all the important trimmings for women at viable prices here.

Women AccessoriesWomen AccessoriesWomen AccessoriesWomen Accessories

Shell Race Trail Running Backpack 8 Liters

 Running backpacks should be as light and modifiable as probable. Depending on the athlete's supplies, running backpacks frequently have an amount between 8 liters and 15 liters. Their flat aim holds the backpack's core of significance as close to the back as probable and barely limits the freedom of movement. The carrying system doesn't have to be as pliant as that of maxim a hiking backpack. The low pack weight allows for very luminosity carrier constructions. However, the runner should be vigilant to create the backpack sit well on the back. As the finest outdoor expert, we offer an extensive range of Shell Race Trail Running Backpack 8 Liters, Speed Trail Running Backpack 3 Liters, Running Socks, Shell Ultra Trail Running Backpack 12 liters, Trail Running Water Bag, climbing, and hiking products.

Visor Running Hat

 Not everyone likes wearing hats, but they still desire to stay cool and keep the sun out of their eyes while running or cycling. At Kinetik, we appreciate that not everybody is a "hat person," and that's why our presentation visors are the ideal alternative. Every running visor underneath is made with our Fabric expertise and will maintain your head cool and dry while you're on your bike or your feet, in receipt of in some great training or antagonism.

Soft Flask For Trail Running Hydration

 This soft flask comes with a little loop that lets you fasten the bottle to the exterior of your pack—instead of having it take up space inside. The on/off bite regulator is contented to drink from on the run, and the super-flexible bottle conforms to your hand and collapses as you drink. Our Soft Flask for Trail Running Hydration ideal for rapid drinks on the run, guzzle up a set or wet a dry throat. Super effortless to use, store FLASK directly in your front pockets.

Calf Compression Sleeves

Run Forever Sports calf compression sleeves are complete for real people to offer real benefits. We intended a calf sleeve that not only relieves your shin splints, lower leg soreness, and calf pain but provides real benefits like preventing muscle grievance, lessening swelling, and reducing varicose veins. We comprehend what it takes to offer quality products with factual benefits. We also appreciate the difficulties of online shopping. If for any motive you don't like the sleeves just let us be familiar with and we will take care of you!