Skirt Black
Skirt Black

Skirt Black

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The kinetiksports woman skirt for the practice of running with meshes inside.

Comfortable elastic waist and fantastic fitting 2.

Incorporated small pocket for storing keys or gels.

 2in1 technology , short+skirt.



Flatlock seams

Mesh semi compressive

Fitted and comfortable cut

Modern high-tech design


This skirt is made for the most favorable movement. Overlapping side panels are made of a frivolous stretch-mesh allowing for the greatest movement and effortless access to the short pocket. Some like better to run with shorts, others with tights, or even a skirt... The Kinetik women's trail series meets all tastes and practices. Ultra-light and ultra-breathable shorts and skirts with a close fit for your trail and running practice. Are you looking for the next skin? Discover our women’s assortment of shorts, tights, and skirts. Decide the cut, length, and style that outfit you from the women's Kinetik array.

The front and back skirt panels and the undershorts are made from an antimicrobial wicking fabric that is made from recycled plastic bottles. It is fantastic frivolous and quick-drying which is particularly pleasant on those warm summer days. A side pocket on all short legs will grasp your basics.

The waistband is broad, sits contentedly at your waist, and has a fastener pocket in the back big enough for your phone. An incessant drawstring will permit you to regulate the waist size without fear of losing the drawstring in the wash. Obtainable in a 5” inseam under short with soft elastic around each leg so they stay put. Hit the trail, road, or court with self-assurance! Women's Running and Trail Running Skirt is a very contented broad waistband with drawcord. Lightweight and handy with its four pockets counting one zip pocket. The idyllic leg-wear for long runs or trail running in antagonism.


Why Kinetik

We build confort

Inside kinetik we look into the customers needs. The combination from confort and high technology is designed by the feedback from our customers and athletes. Our ears will be always open to improve our brand by advices from our customers. Do you want to share your ideas with us? Feel free to contact us




I'm having almost all the kinetik
trailrunning garments.The way how they think and inovate are impresive! My favourite product is for sure the refuge jacket and i can't wait to see the new model !


High quality and good comunication. I like the new outerwear clothing and buyed the nomada softshell jacket.


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