Dear participant.

First we would like to apologize for being late with an update about a delivery problem at the Beyond The Coast Sky Tour Gran Canaria.

As you maybe don’t know Kinetiksports has his own factory in China, from where we produce 90% from our clothing by ourselves.

Due a national Chinese holidays of 10 days in the period when the delivery need to be happen the logistic informed us that clothes could not arrive on time. After all this bad news we didn’t want to fail and took action on a reproduction with an outsourcing factory, they promised us to deliver all the items but they could not finish the products. Unfortunately this news has reached us only the day after the event. A luck communication from the supplier was the fail.
The items that arrived in Gran Canaria were detained by customs. When the items could be finally released after several steps by the Organization, they realized that it had arrived incomplete.

Kinetiksports is a young brand with a young dynamic team who has been growing faster as expected and yes, we feel the growth pain but we are definitely resolving that very soon.
This week we will communicate with the Organization about the delivery date, we apologize but it may take a few weeks.

Everyone will receive his T-shirt and runner bag, and an extra gift from our company and a coupon with a value from twenty euros.

We hope that we could fulfill your questions and we would like to mention that the race Organization hasn’t any mistake on above case. We would like to thanks them for his professionalism with the issue.

Once again we want to apologize for above reasons but guarantee the delivery of the products.