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Waterproof Trail Running Jacket Refuge



Prepare for mountain and the most bad weather conditions

Stay on the move through it all in the Kinetiksports Refuge waterproof trail running Jacket. This lightweight refuje running jacket rewards your efforts with breathability and weather protection. The jacket have 2 front zips (no pocket)when you open you can easy drink from your bottles in your backpack under the jacket, the zipper option vents along the front and back keep you dry inside the jacket.

The waterproof jacket from kinetiksports is bodymapped for a tight weave that retains or releases heat where you most need breathability.
In cold conditions will keep the kinetiksports technology you on the perfect body temperature.

The back give you also a comfortable posibility to carry your trail poles.

Wearing a backpack under your jacket became so easy as we did the development in a size that fits any backpack. We added a waterproof zipper in the back to give space on your backpack.

The refuje waterpfroof trail running jacket is one of the hottest and highest technology products from kinetiksports with his 20.000 W/P


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