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Kinetik adaptive technology applies accurate and balanced compression to specific body parts for accelerated blood flow and increased oxygen to muscles to boost performance while mitigating muscle soreness by preventing lactic acid build up.  Optimal blood circulation is a must to reach high performance!
Kinetik Compression textiles, which are fabricated from elastomeric fibers for high stretch and elastic recovery, are generally used to not only improve garment fit and range of body movement, but also strategically apply an appropriate amount of mechanical pressure onto the body to support and stabilize the muscles.
Fabric with Rapid-Dry technology absorbs moisture and dries faster to keep you dry and comfortable.  Comes with an anti-microbial finish which helps you stay odour free.  Fabric with Spandex that helps you move freely by stretching with your body.
Perfect for any situation because of its elegant style and athletic fit, Our Fitcutting is functional at its finest. Rounded bottom with an elongated hem gives you a complete look no matter what you're wearing with it. It's time to start turning your style into your legacy.

Men's Short Sleeve Compression Top

€45,00 €89,00



The KINETIK compression short sleeve top velocity offers the ultimate support of the upper body during intense activity.

Powerful supracomp fabrics target the entire body, graduated compression for faster warm-up and recovery.

Perfect for rigorous workouts, competition and faster recovery from the toughest workouts.

Features and benefits for the Kinetik Velocity

  • Multisport Use
  • Recovery faster
  • Compression
  • Improves performance
  • Comfortable
  • Sleek design
  • Optimal blood circulation
  • Supporting muscle
  • Antibacterial
  • Reach your goals

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